Project Description

The Artemis Great Kindrochit Quadrathlon

This adventure challenge has been the flag ship endurance event of WildFox Events since we created the Quad over twenty years ago. Up to 400 participants each year take part in an exhilarating test of stamina, strength and fitness combining swimming, hill-walking/running, kayaking and cycling. It all happens at our base, Kindrochit and the surrounding Scottish Highlands and finishes in style with a dinner, ceilidh and fireworks. Not only is it an extraordinary day out in the hills but it has raised many of millions of pounds for international and national charities.

The Artemis Great Kindrochit Quadrathlon was launched in 1999 and still going with about 400 participants each year. It is sponsored by Artemis Investment Management. Over the years it has supported Mercy Corps (international emergency relief), Mary’s Meals (feeds children at school in a number of countries) and Cyrenians (a homeless charity in Edinburgh that Lindsay Whitelaw knows more about).

The Quadrathlon is Scotland’s toughest one day event and involves swimming, running, kayaking and cycling. Including match funding from EEC and DFID it will have generated over 8 million pounds by the end of this year (before additional match funding) – most going to Mercy Corps in Pakistan, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Timor Leste, Nepal (four projects), Indonesia, India, Burma, Columbia – representatives of Wild Fox Events have gone to visit most of these projects at the expense of Wild Fox Events so that we can reassure fundraisers that money is being spent where it is needed. The Quadrathlon now feeds 14,000 children every day at school in Malawi and Liberia, via Mary’s Meals. Wild Fox and Artemis also sponsors a separate school in Kalimpong, India via Mary’s Meals. The Quadrathlon also supports Cyrenians a homeless charity in Edinburgh.

“The Artemis Great Kindrochit Quadrathlon is an ambitious day out as participants swim/run/kayak and cycle… in, on and around Loch Tay.  As one of the founders of Artemis Fund Managers and as a keen participant of many of David’s events along with many of my colleagues, we welcomed the opportunity for the Artemis Charitable Foundation to sponsor the Quad. Together with WildFox Events we’ve created something we’re extremely proud of that has supported multiple charities for the best part of fifteen years.  David’s style, imagination and energy brings a special quality to everything he does and the Quad encapsulates this perfectly.”
Lindsay Whitelaw , Artemis