Project Description

Allied Forces Foundation Warrior Games

WildFox Events hosts an annual Highland Games for veterans from countries allied to the British Forces. Each year up to 80 veterans who are part of Personal Recovery Units in USA, Scotland and elsewhere and associated with the charity, The Allied Forces Foundation, come together for a day of true camaraderie on the shores of Loch Tay.

This is a day designed to bring together those effected by the trauma of conflict.  By simply sharing some fun participating in traditional highland games we facilitate a process where friendships are strengthened and such mutual support is vital for the rehabilitation process. Teams work together making light of any physical disabilities and encouraging  those who struggle with less visible scars of PTSD to enjoy the day.



Your Herculean efforts in sponsoring and executing the Warrior Games in Kindrochit have made a positive impact on hundreds of our wounded warriors and their families.

Jim Laster, LT GEN, USMC , Retired