Intentionally disconnecting from digital for just 30 mins a day to consciously engage with our surroundings, helps us meaningfully reconnect with nature and our communities.


The Problem

We’ve all been beguiled by the convenience of on-screen communication. It’s so easy to organise our lives using these magic boxes, phones or tablets with tantalising, glowing lights. What started as a time saving measure; the ability to text or email a plan to a friend or colleague rather than speaking to them, has led within a very short time to roaring ‘digital furnaces’ which we feel addictively compelled to fuel during every waking moment. We’ve become slaves to our online connectivity at the expense of meaningful engagement with ourselves, our companions and our surroundings. Our brains are being dangerously rewired to exist in a state of constant alert as we distractedly await the next, ‘urgent ping’ of notification.


The Solution

We need to make space, to give ourselves permission to step back and regain perspective. We are all effected by stress and anxiety caused by the continuous stream of images and posts demanding our immediate action. If we accept this then we can act. Take Control Turn It Off. WildTime Offline is about stepping outside and appreciating our World in Real Time. 30 minutes a day away from our devises is a beginning. Grant those you love the gift of being one hundred percent present when you are with them. When you are on your own give yourself real solitude to make dreams


The Campaign

David Fox-Pitt MBE is spearheading the Wild Time Offline campaign as he has spent his adult life seeing first hand the benefits of getting outside to physically delight in nature. In recent years he has become profoundly concerned by the increasing trend to view the world through our digital devices rather than living it in real time whilst inhaling the joy of the outdoors. Join David in this very simple campaign which encourages us all to consciously commit to intentionally leaving our phones behind for just 30 minutes a day during which time we deliberately and meaningfully reconnect with nature and those around us. We can all access some sort of green space or connection with the natural world where we can appreciate nature and reconnect with our imaginations (this goes for the city dwellers amongst us too!). How many times have we missed an amazing sunset or the reflection of the moon in a puddle because we’ve been glued to our phones and not aware of what is happening away from the screen? Be present for these special moments by joining David for just 30 minutes a day. Let’s all commit to making our Wild Time Offline non-negotiable!