David is an adventurer. His tales of the jungles of West Papua, the frozen lakes of Norway and becoming stranded on a volcano crater will enthral you. He has taken risks and pushed the boundaries, surviving on skills learned in Special Forces training. David offers inspiration with his infectious enthusiasm and Can Do attitude and his book gives encouragement and advice in an uncertain world. In his book Positiverosity, 7 Golden Principles David tells how his adventures have helped him become a force for global good raising millions of pounds for charity through WildFox Events.


Book Reviews

‘Fantastic book! Honest, well written and inspiring. Easy to read with some very entertaining personal experiences that help us to rethink our outlook on life. Would recommend all to read.’

“Great golden nuggets of wisdom and understanding for a successful approach to living life passed on with genuine generosity. This is a ‘must’ book for young and old.”

“This is the book for you if you want an easy read that will fill you full of motivation. It gets you thinking about your passions to work out what you want to do in life. Packed full of great stories by somebody who is not scared to learn from what life brings and encourage others to try out different things..”

“Great book, I would recommend it to everyone! The author conveys his point of positivity with some very gripping stories on the life he has led.”.