Project Description

Glenalmond College

WildFox Events has been integral in the development of a Glenalmond Leadership outdoor adventure course over many years.

Students yomp over the hills to the WildFox base on Loch Tay and are put through their paces with a variety of challenges. David and WildFox Events have also done motivational talks for sixth formers and assisted both in the careers days but also in the planning and execution of an ambitious introductory taster for primary children to get to know Glenalmond consisting of 18 fun activities over 47 hours. (The school was founded in 1847).



David’s goal in life is to help other people and by jove, he has definitely ticked that box, over and over again!

David is simply the most inspiring man you could ever hope to meet. From supporting our school children with the annual ‘Leadership Challenge’ (come rain or shine), regular weekend camps for pupils and charities to public speaking, you can’t help but thrive in being exposed to, as DFP so eloquently coins it, ‘Positiverosity.’ Outwith David’s passion for the outdoors he has also been known to ride his Penny Farthing in our school’s theatre, of which is no mean feat I assure you..! This typically British spectacle forms part of David’s Enrichment talk which truly inspires both staff and pupils alike to take chances, live with integrity and ultimately.. Positiverosity.

Mark Nichols, Head of Outdoor Learning & Duke of Edinburgh Award Manager Glenalmond College