Project Description

The Great Kindrochit Quadrathlon

This adventure challenge has been the flag ship endurance event of WildFox Events Ltd since we created it over twenty years ago. We’d like to give huge thanks to Artemis Fund Managers who sponsored the Quad for fifteen of those years. Together we developed an event attracting up to 400 participants annually with a formidable reputation for being Scotland’s toughest one day event and also one of the most fun.

Planning for the future, WildFox Events is exploring new ways to welcome athletes. We invite you to take part in this exhilarating test of stamina, strength and fitness combining swimming, hill-walking/running, kayaking and cycling. From our base, Kindrochit Farm, home of WildFox Events, you’ll venture out to the sound of bagpipes as you head off to explore the surrounding Scottish Highlands in, on and around Loch Tay.

You’ll stop to catch your breath at one of the wacky feed stations and perhaps grab some fish and chips, a bowl of haggis or even sip a non-alcoholic cocktail. Not only is it an extraordinary day out that will live long in your memory but the Quad is also a fundraising catalyst that has raised many millions of pounds for international and national charities and continues to improve the lives of thousands for people globally.

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