Project Description

Unilode Aviation Solutions

Americas Management Team Meeting.

David of WildFox Events was invited to present in Miami at the management team meeting of this International corporation.

The Chief Commercial Officer, Don Jacobs, asked David to base a presentation and a workshop around David’s book, “Positiverosity, 7 Golden Principles”.  The purpose was to initiate positive and energised discussion between members of the management group who work remotely from each other in different international locations.



“I had the pleasure of having David share his experiences and outlook on life with my leadership team. David has a poignant and entertaining way to tell his stories, making them relevant for everyone regardless of background and professional experience. The philosophy of approaching day to day challenges with determination and “positiverosity” resonated well with the team, and left them inspired and encouraged to continue on the journey I started with them”.

Don Jacobs, Managing Director Americas and Chief Commercial Officer at Unilode